Big One Nutrition’s ‘CGT POWER’ is a cell volumizing formula which is specially designed to provide strength, power, and rapid muscle recovery. CGT Punch is an advanced workout supplement that made up of three most effective muscle building combination ingredients of 4g Creatine, 2g Glutamine, 2g Taurine into one explosive formula and also providing 2g dietary fibre which help you to lose or control weight, muscle with total nutrition for maximum gains and quick muscle recovery from intense workouts.

'Creatine' is the most effective supplement which helps to improve body capacity to reach high intense workout & boost-up muscle recovery time and size massive strength. It’s also helps body to fight against diabetes. According to the professional bodybuilders and studies show that an athlete takes creatine while weight training he can quickly gain lean body mass and strength.

‘Glutamine’ it’s basically found in your skeletal muscle, very supportive and helpful to improve metabolism, cell volumizing & new muscle growth. Glutamine is also known as muscle breakdown preventer. For strength and instant muscle recovery glutamine is the best way and play the important role in the body.

‘Taurine’ is the second most abundant amino acid which is very essential for cardiovascular function, helps to development of skeletal muscle, nervous system hold more water and increase cell volume. it’s very effective to modulation of neurotransmitter activity and relaxing. Studies show that taurine helps to enhance interstitial contractile leverage which may aid your ability to lift heavier weight.

In CGT Punch there is no sell synthetic chemicals and free from solvents preservatives and pesticides.


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